BIO: Wendy Crowley

Wendy earned a Masters’s degree in Health and Wellness Coaching with a focus in Nutrition, and certifications in Eating Psychology Coaching, Human Potential Coaching, and HeartMath. She has spent many hours researching and learning about mindfulness, effective food and fitness plans and lifestyles that support wellness and high performance, stress reduction, life balance, heart-brain alignment, spirituality, conscious relationships and sexuality, and healthy longevity. Her passion for well-being was born out of many years of struggle with eating and body image issues, the stress of raising a son with Autism, divorce, and assisting in the care of her terminally ill mother.

Awaken Your Phoenix Health and Wellness Coaching

While she was finishing up her Masters’s degree at the Maryland University of Integrative Health, an instructor shared that she saw Wendy as a Phoenix. This rang true for her, as the story of the Phoenix symbolizes powerful rebirth and beautiful renewal from big challenges. This became her icon — the symbol of how she wanted to be in the world. Wendy has experienced life-changing “awakenings” that have allowed her to understand her self-limiting beliefs, as well as her true purpose as a human being. She has learned to live boldly with resilience and openness to truth, as she lives her mission to inspire others to awaken to their true potential. The payoff for herself and her clients is the joy of feeling fully alive. She is a passionate humanist with an open heart, who has realized the importance of embracing her feminine power in order to live her potential.  As an avid triathlete for many years, she fulfilled her dream of completing an Ironman Triathlon in 2017 at the age of 53.  This was a defining achievement for her, in which she put to practice all her learning to tap into her own limitless potential.

Contact: Wendy Crowley

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